Rectors Udo Sträter and Won Mook Lee agreed to further strengthen the partnership between their two universities (photo: Michael Deutsch)

A visitor from South Korea: University partnership strengthened

Martin Luther University and Hanbat National University (HNU) in Daejeon, South Korea are further strengthening their partnership. On 19 August the president of HNU, Prof. Dr. Won Mook Lee, and his delegation visited MLU. They met with Rector Prof. Dr. Udo Sträter and other representatives from the university in Halle to discuss the planned participation of MLU in the establishment of a graduate school at the newly founded Global Consortium University in Sejong City.

A supplement to the already existing cooperation agreement between the two partners was signed. “We are placing an emphasis on extending international partnerships with strong partners like Hanbat National University. South Korea is one of the most dynamic countries in Asia, also in the field of science. This cooperation is very promising,” said Rector Udo Sträter.

Good contacts between the universities in Halle and Daejeon have existed for more than ten years and contacts in the field of engineering sciences are particularly strong. The aim is to further extend the partnership with the institutes of chemistry and pharmacy. The cooperation agreement between MLU and HNU, in existence since 2005, has now been expanded. In it, both partners agree to jointly promote the establishment of a graduate school in Sejong City, the planned seat of the South Korean government.

Martin Luther University is also participating in the new Centre for Internationalization and Start-ups at Hanbat National University. Joachim Ulrich, professor of thermal process technology at MLU, got the ball rolling in May 2012 in Daejeon with the signing of the agreement in principle. In addition to Halle, one Australian and two Japanese universities are also participating in the Centre. During his stay in Daejeon, Ulrich presented the MLU’s start-up activities which are being implemented at MLU as part of the government-funded project “EXIST – University-based Business Start-ups”. The partnership between the two universities is set to strengthen in the area of internationalisation and start-ups.

“In addition, two graduates from HNU are doing their PhDs in my department and two others have already written their dissertations,” said Joachim Ulrich, reporting on the partnership. HNU President, Professor Dr Won Mook Lee, visited MLU in June 2012, touring the BioCentre on the Weinberg Campus among other things. In the meantime, MLU has organised five pharmaceutical summer schools in Daejeon, initiated by Prof Dr Reinhard Neubert, a pharmacist in Halle.

Written by Manuela Bank-Zillmann and Ute Olbertz

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1 Dorothea Suh wrote on 2013/09/01 at 2:30 PM

Sehr interessant und auch erfreulich dies zu lesen! Ich bin derzeit dank der DAAD in Seoul, Korea und hoffe dass die Geisteswissenschaften -oben nicht erwähnt- auch in der Partnerschaft "unterkommen" können.

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