Campus Life

Staunen zur Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften. (Fotos: Maike Glöckner)

13th Long Night of the Sciences: Da Vinci robot and the World Cup host Brazil

Science and football can live in harmony, as proven by the 13th annual Long Night of the Sciences in Halle which took place on 4 July. Visitors came sporadically at the beginning, but then, after a jubilant quarterfinal match, thousands came until the wee hours of the morning for a “research adventure”. For the first time more than 350 events were held. These were organised by the university along with many research institutes and the city of Halle

Help for students in need

For 20 years the association “Hilfe für ausländische Studierende e. V.” (HauS) has been active in helping students from around the world who have found themselves in a pinch through no fault of their own. Two students from the Ukraine and Nepal explain how the charity helped them by providing not only money, but also assurance.

Unforgotten injustice

Guido Kisch and Heiner Lück are connected by more than just the fact that Lück has held Kisch’s former chair at the University of Halle for nearly 20 years. Since his time as a student, Lück has been examining the biography of the Jewish legal scholar who was a professor in Halle for eleven years until he was banned from his profession in 1933. Today Kisch’s family are friends with Heiner Lück.

Erasmus photo contest: from Umeå to Sibiu

Many students from Halle’s university travel to various destinations around the world for their semesters abroad. A large percentage of the trips are organised by the Erasmus programme. As part of the 2013 International Week, the International Office at MLU put on its fourth annual photo contest. All of the winners’ photos were displayed in the Juridicum cafeteria. Some of the best photos can also be found in the annual magazine.